This is my first successful dual purpose tinplate clockwork boat,it can run just on the surface or be set to dive and resurface. Equipped with the new ballast system in the bow,it can be flooded to almost sinking. on releasing the prop the boat dives when the clockwork motor runs down the positive buoyancy returns it to the surface.



The U8 is fitted with a new type of motor I developed,its a double concentric spring design an example can be seen in the motors bit.


The U9s hull is about 13" long,as the subs got bigger so did the need to support the larger propeller and longer shaft. Notice the "A" bracket at the stern.



This is the 17" U14, its loosely based on the American Gato class boats both deck guns and torpedo launchers are functional


The U15 is based on the British "C" class boats ( I can see submarine aficionados shaking their heads about now).

Its 17" long and by now I,d had enough of flirting things around so I left out the weapons systems!


The U16 is a twin contra rotating propeller design ( the propellers turn in opposite directions). Went a bit "Buck Rogers" with the paint on this one!..Shes 17" long and a bit of a torpedo in the water!


This is the largest boat I have built to date! The U17 is 25" long,its a twin contra rotating prop design,to be honest I cant see an advantage in twin props,but I thought what the hell,I,d give it a whirl.... Geddit? give it a whirl?? Ohhh never mind.


My early days of hull constuction, not bad though check out the working clockwork crane.on the fore deck, Its wound up with the capstan just aft of that. If you look closely you can see the wheelhouse sits on an old baccy tin!

1980s Wood Battleship

Back in the day before I discovered iron I would make my stuff from wood using flint tools, This boat is powered by an electric motor! I destroyed a perfectly good 8 track cassette player to make this. (Anyone under 35 wont have a clue what im on about)

Wood clockwork motor sailer

Ahhh the days of sail, I bought the hull from a car boot sale it was a wreck for £1.00! all the rest is my work I even learned how to use a sewing machine to make the sails The motor is pretty big and chugs away in this thing for about 8 minutes..

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