The hulls are a six component heptagonal monocoque, the parts are formed into two halves the top and bottom sections, next the ballast tank is fitted, motor and running gear to the prop. The winding tube and vent are fitted to the lid before the two halves are shut. The various components keel,rudder,fin and  superstructure are then fitted. Each hull plate joint is alternately scarfed then soft soldered with 60/40 tin lead solder, the joins are then cleaned with an alkaline solution to remove all traces of the acidic flux otherwise the flux would eventually corrode the hull so this is as important as making a good watertight joint. The pic top left shows the process from empty tin can to flat sheet then hull fabrication, I even use the ends . The picture bottom right is my hull profile chart , its used to  determine the boats chine dimensions and displacement , its graduated to be able to change the size of the hull and proportionally the length whilst maintaining the correct buoyancy.              

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