02/08/2020.      U59.       13" Tresco Tribute Repro.           Tinplate Clockwork Diving Submarine.

U59 has a top and base 2 plate hull with a 25ml dive tank in the nose, the vent is aft of the screw cap running through her fin, The deck gun is fixed and purely aesthetic. Now aficionados of model submarines that were alive in the 70's may remember the Tresco plastic submarine proudly Made in England, I had one it was a brilliant little toy and the cause of several near drownings in the local canal, none of that health and safety tosh back then. Anyway U59 is my tribute to those fantastic little boats reproduced in tinplate with a powerful clockwork motor she sails great and dives even better. Those were the good old days (except for the flared trousers and the pointy collars and the nylon underpants)