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30/01/2017.              Marine steam Engines.  

The Steam thing seems to fall into one of two categories , the mamoddy types and the dyed in the wool model engineers the latter being all micrometers and very expensive castings and machines. I knocked the red one out for a tenner , its made from scrap I had lying around no complex machinery just hand tools and an old copper window box. For the eagle eyed, Yes, the relief valve on top of the boiler filler cap is a recycled 7.62mm from zee vorr. At the moment it runs using a propane pencil torch fired up its flue (can be painful) this is only till I decide how im going to configure the tank and burner setup , the steam pipe has two superheater coils which dry out the steam a bit before it enters the piston. The right pic shows three other oscillator piston jobbies ive built from scratch n scrap, they go in a descending scale of power from large to small. As a propulsion unit for skimmers they're fine, total bobbins for submarines though. 

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