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12/05/2020. U58. 1.9Kg Drum Motor. Twin Tank. 29" Tinplate Clockwork Diving Submarine.

U58 has a 6 plate dual compound curve linear hull,the steel came from an old bread bin and is a hefty 0.35mm. The drum motor allows for a small longitudinal section making her really sleek and fast, this particular design is different because the fwd and aft ballast tanks are the sections themselves,not separate tanks within the hull. The hull is divided into 3 separate water tight compartments,midships holds the motor and is dry,fwd and aft can be flooded out for diving, the vents are situated on the deck. The keyhole is stopped with a brass screw cap, it's a much simpler design and more simplererer is always good! It's also the only boat I've ever made toast out of!

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