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27-02-2016            U26.      17".      Missile Firing.          Tinplate Clockwork Diving Submarine.

This is the U26,it has the usual bow ballast tank as well as variable fwd and aft diving planes. The main difference with this boat is the functional missile launcher fitted aft of the fin, To be honest,I just thought i'd have a mess about with it. As a kid I was very disappointed that my Sutcliffe sea wolfs missile didn't actually flirt off the boat So I present my version with  increased misscular flirtability.The launcher assembly is very robust because the spring is stupidly powerful giving the missile about a 10 metre range. With this system its possible to strike deep into the kitchen from the living room, hence its designation as an I.K.B.M. (That's an Inter Kitchinental Ballistic Missile).

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