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24/05/2018.      U42.     21".     Tinplate Clockwork Diving Submarine.

Harper Goff meets Gerry Anderson! Yes it looks like Stingray bumping into Nautilus but what the hell. U42 was originally an open demo model I made for Makers Faire in Newcastle to show visitors what was inside my stuff and how it worked. However suffering from OCD I just couldnt leave it unfinished. At my last shindig on the Isle of Wight Hullabaloo Festival (a brilliant event) I met a chap called Jason Lane, he is an artist,sculptor and engineer of outstanding skill and talent, his stuff is amazing and after lengthy discussion I concluded he could nearly be as potty as me! The point is that U42 is going to have a new mooring in Bristol with him, Just need to watch those waters? 30 foot tidal range in the Bristol estuary! Someones swimming pool is a better bet.

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