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11-04-2016.           U28.     18".     Six Plate Hull, Hard Chine.    Tinplate Clockwork Diving Submarine.

This is the U28, Its a hard chine configuration and a bit of a prototype (like all my stuff!) .With this one I wanted maximum beam to accommodate a particularly big motor spring, at the same time presenting  a minimal directional cross sectional profile. The rudder is uncluttered without its usual aft diving plane which is now mounted on the aft part of the keel.The prop is smaller at just 30mm and the fin is like a knife edge. I have to admit that I stole this shape from Reverend George Garrett, a townie of mine. He was an engineer and inventor from Moss Side in Manchester I was born just up the road in north Manchester. He designed and built the Resurgam (Latin for bacon repeats on me) in 1878, it was a small attack submarine, he is credited with being the inventor of the modern submarine. To be honest and with the greatest respect, I doubt that very much, in my humble opinion if it was any one person in particular, it was the Spaniard Monturiol Narciso with his oxygen producing steam boiler in Ictineo II launched in 1864. The design was superb and I think Jules Verne may have had a butchers at it too?. Anyway my conscience is now clear, I ripped off the clergy! 

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