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Battleship Mk2 017.jpg
Battleship Mk2 028.jpg
Battleship MKII 001.jpg
Battleship MKII 008.jpg
Battleship Mk2 027.jpg
Battleship Mk2 025.jpg
29/06/2016.      Tinplate  clockwork  Battleship Mk2.      Length 28" Weight 3.2 Kg

Yes , I know its  another skimmer. The reason I built this boat is because Ive had the motor sitting around doing nothing since I made it last year. As you can see its far too nice to hide in a submarine , never to see the light of day again,  hence the twelve gunned tin bathtub.

Ive put one of my Sutcliffes in the frame to give an idea of scale, whilst I stress that all my stuff is made with only basic hand tools, I must confess that I used my lathe to make parts for the motor, for this I bow my head in shame. Anyway, its a cracking boat, stable and fast however it steers like a cow! As soon as it stops raining here in the north of England Ill post some pictures of it afloat.

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