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12/08/2016.   Pimped Sutcliffe seawolf..... £2.00 car boot, no parts busted scrapper.

The title says it all, I really have lost count of the number of Sutcliffes ive cracked open and repaired. Of them all, this latest one is particularly interesting. The motor in this one was not soldered in, It was clumsily spot welded at four points, (apologies to anyone unfamiliar with welding techniques). I say clumsily, because the copper electrode clipped the motor spring causing its eventual failure. I have never seen this before in a sutcliffe submarine, It must have been a very late production model,  the company was wound up (geddit) in 1984.  Having done a little research, it makes sense because it was around the 1980s that electricity was first introduced to Yorkshire, Interesting and informative!

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