Rusted and Busted to Done and Dusted.      ( yes, it is the same boat! )

14-05-2016   Sutcliffe Submarine Repair and Restoration

Off at a tangent from my own stuff here,this was a Sutcliffe Seawolf circa 1970s purchased off ebay for £5.20 . I told the former owner I would restore it , so Pete,here it is. The motor was only good for the plates and crown gear,I had to make the rest the hull was like a tea strainer (full o holes). The propeller needed re-shafting (ooohh errrr missus!). The keel was fine, I thought about making it a Seawolf again but id have to hunt around for the plastic bits so I decided to Nautilusify it because I could make the parts in tin. Its about a ten hour restoration and now in perfect working order. I strongly advise against attempting this kind of restoration work unless you know exactly what you are doing with these old toys , it can be an expensive mistake if you bugger it up. If you have a sub in good condition with decals etc..but a busted motor? best bet is to leave it alone and find one that works.



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