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29/01/2020.   HMS OXO.   32"   4.5Kg    Frame and Strake Hull.    Tinplate Clockwork Battleship.

HMS OXO is fitted with the OMG2 twin spring motor, this has to be the biggest most powerful and ridiculous engine I have ever built. Having Frankensteined this monster into existence I realised I'd need a huge thing for it to propel and so the battleship Oxo came into being,why Oxo? because it's really beefy and strong. The hull is a frame and strake type construction through necessity, the skin is standard domestic 0.2mm tin which on it's own is too flimsy for such a big boat so a strong 0.5mm steel frame provides the skeleton. As for perfomance, the large 50mm prop converts my test basin into a jacuzzi! it's a very powerful boat and the motor runs static for around 7 minutes. At 32 inches long this is the biggest tin boat I've built so far and will run just as well in 100 years as she does today.

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