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Motors 005.jpg
03/09/2016.   OMG Motor. 2x Standard Motors,Twin Spring Motor and U13 for scale.

The big motor is configured in such a way as to have multiple take offs, so it can drive a single , twin or triple propellers. Its a massively stupid lump, I only built it because I didnt have one. The motor is the heart of the boat and must be absolutely bang on, if its going in a submarine it cant be touched once the boat has been soldered together,  so its got to be robust and precise in every detail. In terms of the power output of clockwork motors , I prefer the "Kinell" Scale. For example the large motor is a four Kinell , whereas the smaller motors are just a Kinell. I find this simplistic unit the most practical. The Little submarine U13, has only half a Kinell motor installed.

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