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U33 010.jpg
U33 004.jpg
29/10/2016.    U33.  18"   Tinplate Clockwork Diving Submarine.

The U33 has a semi soft chine hull which represents the latest stage in my fabrication development , its  all still done by hand using the the device in the pics (I made it from scrap I found in my shed). Its known as an English wheel however the French claim it to be a "Roue anglais" whilst the Germans reckon its an "Englisch rad", Whatever the hell it is , it makes flatterer things more rounderer. It does take quite a bit of practice to master but well worth it. Ive often thought of my work as "edgy", I dont mean cutting edge or risque , I mean actually looking like krytens head off Red Dwarf ! so this boat is the first of the new hull design , its obviously smoother and I think it looks better  it really makes a difference in the water too , this has to be the fastest thing ive made so far.

U33 018.jpg
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