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10/05/2017. E.P.I.C. Engine.  Electrolysis Powered Internal Combustion.

The original idea behind this engine was to design and build a submarine motor but "apparently" it could be used to replace dinosaur juice???? well whatever... It runs by electrolysing water into oxyhydrogen gas and blowing it up in an combustion chamber equipped with a piston and crank. That's where the similarity to the "Otto" cycle ends. The engine has no exhaust port and doesn't breathe air.It is a double action closed system 1x360 degree rotation is one cycle. The fuel is totally consumed and the resultant hard vacuum returns the piston at 180degrees from TDC at 270degrees upstroke the now partial vacuum "sucks" in the new fuel charge. Far from perfected however, but it does work. Problems still to be resolved are my ropey homemade sparkplugs and the oxygen in the fuel corrodes everything it touches so material choice needs to be sorted out plus the combustion chamber tends to fill with water (the only by product of the engine). To totally explain how it works would take a book but it is self sustaining totally clean and very quiet running. Next i'm doing a time machine and hover boots!

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