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28/03/2019.  U50.   21" Contra-Rotating  Twin Propeller  Tinplate Clockwork Diving Submarine.

U50 has my older style 6 plate hull, the plates are rolled to take the flatness out giving much better lines. The keyhole is stopped with a screw cap and a 70ml diving tank is fitted in the bow. The single spring motor has a contra rotating gearbox which splits the drive to the twin props, both shafts have a lubrication system fed by a small reservoir on top of the motor which in turn is charged via the aft stanchion through the fin. With my last few boats being compound curve hulls this may seem a step backwards, the truth is I was having a clear out and found the pre cut parts for this hull under my bed next to Grandads old bayonet and a dead spider. Its brilliant in the water and really shifts, in a pinch it can also knock out a cracking omelette when in whisker mode.

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