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U34 004.jpg
U34 006.jpg
05/11/2016.    U34 "Heggboot".   Length 6".   Weight 200g.  Tinplate Clockwork Submarine.  

My very good friend asked me if I could build her one of my "submathingybobs" , of course I said yes. I asked her for specifics such as dimensions , duration of motor , diving capabilities etc....? She said "make me a cute one". I had to look the word up! I explained that submarines were not "cute", that submarines were weapons designed to kill and destroy without warning , the scourge of the seas that can deliver megatonnes of carnage over half the globe in minutes......... I think my words had an impact as she replied , "a cute baby one! ohhh and silver coloured as well". So there you have it , why I built U34. The finish is polished lacquered steel , it has a 0.4 Kinell motor , its incapable of going in a straight line and will probably never see water again! I had to draw the line at giving it a face and calling it Simon.

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