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U40 005.jpg
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U40 019.jpg
U40 004.jpg
U40 Motor 013.jpg
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U40 007.jpg
U40 001.jpg
U40 003.jpg
16/03/2018.  U40. 11". 3 Component Prototype Hull. Diving Tinplate Clockwork Submarine.

U40 has an experimental prototype hull that Ive been messing about with, it consists of only 3 sections in its construction as opposed to my usual 6 section hull. The components are hand beaten then wheeled to remove the planishing marks. It takes less time to make than the 6 part hull and creates less drag making it highly efficient. The draft meant a bit of creativity with the motors final drive,slinging the crown underneath to get it to the prop shaft but no biggie. Its got a 20ml trim tank just forward of midships giving it excellent diving ability. 

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