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MTB 004.jpg
20/01/2018.      MK4 Skimmer. 28"- 1.8Kg.   Twin Prop Birch Ply and Tinplate Clockwork boat

I built the OMG motor back in 2016 and Ive been racking my shed as to what to do with it ever since on account of the fact that its ridiculously huge. Whilst playing silly buggers on ebay,I accidentally bought this old hulk for £11, it required extensive restoration and re modelling of the gunwale but the motor fitted in!. The expansion radius on the spring is as big as a dinner plate, however its constrained to saucer size by the hull. It turned out rather well and runs like a speed boat for about ten minutes, I dont normally work with wood but its good to try different materials sometimes. The twin props create a pleasing swirlyness at the blunt end and at the other end the pointy bit cuts quite a wake.

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