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16/06/2018.  U43.  12".    Drum Motor, 3 Plate Hull, Tinplate Diving Clockwork Submarine.

U43 is the third boat with the compound curve 3 plate hull, the form is limited because its made from single pieces whereas the 6 plate hulls can be made quite big being fabricated. So basically I need bigger tin! I was thinking of the large cooking oil cans you see slung out back of restaurants and the like. The motor in this one is brilliant, no expansion radius on the spring because its encased in the drum, an interesting non return mechanism on the winder its just a coil spring wrapped around the drum allowing it to be wound and then just friction as the spring locks onto the drum, very cool the donor clock was made in Scotland in the 60s a "Westclox" from a flea market for a couple o quid.

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