31/07/2019    U53    19"   Low Profile    Experimental Hull     Tinplate Clockwork Diving Submarine.

U53 is what happens when you use too many permanent marker pens in an enclosed space, its an amalgam of Flash Gordon, Donald Campbell with a smidgin of Harper Goff's Proteus. It has an 8 plate dual compound curved linear hull with a 70ml dive tank in the nose, the keyhole is stopped with a screw cap and the tank vent is just aft of that. The wide beam allowed me to install a big powerful single spring motor and its really fast submerged, surprisingly the Colombian pharmaceutical industry has shown interest, go figure that one out. Anyway its been a hoot doing it, trying new designs is always a challenge from the original idea to watching them dive for the first time and all from stuff that normally gets chucked in the bin.   

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