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08/10/2019. U55. HMS BOUGHTON. 27" 1.7Kg. Twin Tank. Screw Cap. Tinplate Clockwork Diving Submarine.

U55 is a bit of a monster not just in size but in power as well,the drum spring came from an old busted clock from the 1890s made by the Ansonia company of Brooklyn. The tanks have a combined capacity of 240ml with half a kilo of lead on the keel which is required to submerge the boat. The 40mm prop is supported with an "A" bracket as is the lower rudder mount just in case she crunches the bottom. The brass deck gun is operational and fires a 3mm round, the bow is armed with a net cutter. I very rarely let my boats go but U55 was a commission from the get go and so I will be saying bon voyage to this particular sub, probably just as well as I am rapidly running out of mooring space!

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