16/12/2017. Steam Canoe. 23" Long Steam Driven Tinplate Stealth Canoe/Boat/Ship...Thingy???

This has been an interesting project, the idea is a multi purpose hull form that is relatively easy to build which can have many different applications such as a ship,yacht,submarine etc... The scope of the form however is not merely limited to marine vessels, constructed from lighter materials and fitted with wings it would almost certainly fly. Anyway this versions got a Clumpington thump engine weighing in at nine tons. The green meths burner runs the boiler for about ten minutes and its rather swift. The only proprietary part is the old Mamod flywheel on the engine, every bit of the rest of it is made from scrap, the Egyptian pyramid type lid on the boat gives it the ability to sail exceptionally well off the Faroe Islands.

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