06/09/2018. U45. 11" Screw Cap/Drum Motor/2 Plate Hull/Tinplate Diving Clockwork Submarine.

U45 is inspired by the German clockwork tin Submarines of the early 1900s, makers such as Marklin,Bing and Fleischmann began stamping these out from the late 1890s . I've fitted a brass screw cap to cover the keyhole instead of the usual rubber bung and the ballast tank vent is set aft of the cap. The motor is the same drum type as in U43 (thanks Westclox) and a 20ml ballast tank is fitted forward, the hull is a top and base 2 plate type hand beaten and wheeled. At just 11 inches its quite small but this doesn't effect the performance and is a swift little monster in the pond n puddles of wetness.

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