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14/07/2018.  U44 18" Two Plate Hull, Tinplate Clockwork Diving Submarine.

U44 has yet another experimental prototype hull, this boat has only two plates in its construction, a top and base made from single pieces of tin are hammer hollowed on a sandbag then hand rolled. A powerful single spring motor spins a 34mm 4 blade prop, its a 1mm thick prop and copper so its a proper copper prop (try that when youre Smirnoffed). A 40ml ballast tank set just fwd of midships gives it the diving ability. One thing about the compound curve hulls is that they hold a lot more air,so much in fact that at only 18", U44 required a staggering 400g of lead ballast to trim her. Two plate hulls are about as far as I can go with submarines, because if I tried a one plate hull? it would be a canoe.

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