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Eris 001.jpg
04/07/2017.    MK3 Skimmer.   HMS Eris.     20inch    Tinplate Clockwork Battleship.           

This boat harks back to the golden age of tinplate clockwork toys it was the turn of the last century and the Germans ran the show with makers such as Marklin,Bing,Lehmann etc.......

These were luxury toys for the privileged few, in the early 1900s the average Joe would have to work for a year to afford one  and even now the originals can cost tens of thousands of your Earth money. I certainly could never hope to have an original one , but I dont need to , I can build these things in my sleep. So why HMS Eris? well this is me extracting the Michael, Eris was the Greek Goddess of despair and since this boat represents a time when England truly did "rule the waves" , I think it only proper that I name this vessel accordingly given the current state of affairs. The boats wound through the funnel and the mid section deck is removable. I built in this feature to access the motor, the fore and aft stays are brass wire and are simply unhooked to allow easy removal of the deck.

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