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29/03/2023.   U64.   1.5Kg    24".     Ray Harryhausen's Nautilus.   Tinplate Clockwork Diving Submarine.

U64 has a four plate steel and brass hull with dive tanks fwd and aft, the respective vents are through the fin just aft of the brass 10mm screw cap winding port. The large motor drives a 50mm in line prop which sends her off like a rocket. This boat is based on Ray Harryhausen's Nautilus from the 1961 film Mysterious Island, the original screen set was an 8 foot waterline model so everything below that is speculation on my part, having only a few grainy stills to work from it didn't turn out too bad. The teeth on the twin rams are a bit pointy and have destroyed two of my favourite jumpers! definately not to be sailed in the prize coy carp pond.

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