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U35 Mock up 015.jpg
U35 007.jpg
U35 & Cat 005.jpg
U35 005.jpg
21/11/2016.  U35.  Coaxial Contra Rotating Two Prop Submarine.       

Does my bomb look big in this??? Whilst U35 may appear as though it should be strapped to the wing of a military aircraft , I can guarantee its nature is purely aquatic . The design is very much in line with modern "Tear Drop" hull construction. I made this because I wanted to try my latest build , a contra rotating coaxial gear box . This double in line prop system does not lend itself to the older style boats ( apart from torpedoes and a Japanese midget submarine ) hence the hull choice. What a ball ache to build though , the gearbox itself requires about 20% of the mainspring output to run so I had to build a very powerful motor to make a viable drive. Should be interesting when its finished.To ensure quality control , every model is subjected to an intense and thorough cat scan.

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