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28/11/2018.  14".  280g.    MK 5 Skimmer.   14 Plate Faux Riveted, Tinplate Clockwork Battleship.

The MK5 has a new fabricated prototype hull,it consists of 14 separate plates which are soldered together to make the basic form,its a laborious way of doing things but I wanted to try an idea I had to create the effect of a riveted hull. Back in the day all ships were built using hot rivets but electric arc welding took over during WW2 as a much faster method of construction. The scarfed joints in the plates are "dotted"with a hand awl prior to soldering,this distorts the tin edge somewhat which is why its as rough as a bears arse but that's the great thing about just having a go and messing about, eventually the process is perfected by which time you get another idea and move on to something else.

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