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U30 006.jpg
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U30 006.jpg
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23/07/2016.      U30 Under construction.                   Finished 02/08/2016                      

The U30 is fitted with two ballast tanks in red, with a 24"pressure hull its a bit of a lump to drown, hence the ballast,  it also makes it  easier to control the pitch.The stern tank meant that the conventional prop shaft position wouldnt work, so I had to put the crown on top of the motor so the shaft now sits on top of the tank. The motor is in green and the ballast timer in blue (which can be set for two hours). There are five deck stations, The first being the timer, the compressed air filling point, the two tank vents and lastly the motor winder. The air tank is midships at the bottom of the boat, I tested it to 80psi at which point it blew up! my ears are still ringing,so it got beefed up and max pressure is now 40psi. I should have it finished in about a week. The boat will probably end up around 27" long, breaking my own record for a submarine. Believe it or not, it takes longer to think the thing through than it does to actually do it.

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